Gem Lake

It is night. You walk out of the house to the woods. The strong smell of early summer grass after the rain shower. Moist and sweet air. You look at the sky and know it is vast. Your mind is vast, too. It contains everything: every possibility and every person you have encountered, will encounter. Your heart is full. You remember everything and everyone.

This is a night like a deep, bottomless lake. You walk in and keep going deeper. Appreciation and gratitude arise. Love and longing arise. It is one of those nights you only have yourself but you also have everyone with you. Like a still lake - You don't even know how deep it can be; how much it contains.

Gem Lake. Mixed media on rice paper, mounted on canvas. 25 by 36 inches. The two seals on the left are an image of a lotus, and the wording "Heart of Buddha".

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