At This Moment - In the Mid Day of Summer

Summer, in the mid of day. Close your eyes: envisioning all things are happening. At this moment, every sentient being in the world is going through different things: some are born, some are dying; some are fighting, some are loving. Some are laughing, some are crying. Some are thinking how to help others, some are trying hard to exploit others.

Under the same sun, beneath the same light, there are so many things happen in the world. What we are going through, maybe no different than people had gone through thousands years ago. The world is vast, and the time is limitless. Our suffering and joy are always the same. What we want is more or less the same, too.

No matter where you are, hope you enjoy this moment of peace and openness.

Chinese character: Summer. Sumi ink on rice paper. 10 by 12 in.


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