Monday, July 10, 2017

Primordial Chi - The Healing Energy

The word "Chi” roughly can be translated as "energy" in English. "Primordial Chi" is the essence of our health, a sense of fundamental healthiness. By connecting to our own inherent strength, we can heal from within. Utilizing the amazing innate healing power of our body and mind! It is not mystical, it is the most ordinary thing - we feel, we heal. Without feeling for self and others, it is difficult to relate with our existence.

Besides inner chi, there is the environmental energy all-around us. The interaction is mutual. And, by radiating good energy outward, we can attract more positive energy. The circle is infinite; the Indra's Net is infinite.

Chinese calligraphy, "Primordial Chi" in semi-cursive style. Sumi ink on rice paper. The size is 12.5 by 17 inches. Signed with the artist's seal "happiness, wealth, and longevity." The calligraphy itself is professionally double-mounted on another piece of acid-free paper, the surface is totally flattened. Ready to frame.

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