In the Mood for Love

Love doesn't suffocate us. True love requires nothing in return. Love is giving endlessly; love is specious; love is letting go.

From Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche: "Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone. This is a great day to celebrate love. I hope no one is missing love but rather able to embrace love. If we want to embrace love there is the entire universe and infinite beings to do so with. This is as heartwarming and fulfilling as being in love. Love is the light of the world that dispels the darkness of our hearts and brings joy and meaning into our lives. So I hope everyone is celebrating this universal day of love."

In the mood for love - Fire Lotus. Enjoy the heat and warmth of love.

This work: Inspired by the Zen art and Chinese brush stroke painting. Simple marks says a lot. Original etching on acid-free Somerset printing paper. Limited edition of 30. The actual size of the image is 6 by 6 inches, paper size is 11 by 15 inches.


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