Thursday, March 27, 2014

There will be Light

There will be light when the day dawns. There is light in our minds and hearts at this moment. When night falls - the darkness of outside cannot take away the inner light. The light that is forever warm and bright.

"The notion of enlightenment is that no matter how dark the room is, even if it has been dark for thousands of years. As soon as someone lights a match, the room is illuminated." 
 - Sakyong Mipham, Shambhala Principle

Where there is light, there is hope. Chinese calligraphy: "Light" (Chinese pinyin: Guāng) in semi-cursive script style. Original work. Unframed. Sumi ink on textured Chinese rice paper, mounted on Somerset England paper. The paper size is 11" by 15"; the actual image size is 9" by 14". Signed with the seal of the artist: "emptiness and form are inseparable".

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