The Rain

The rain is falling everywhere: on the rich, on the poor; on the happy people, on the sad people; on the crows, on the squirrels; on the greenery, and on the rocks. The rain is falling on everyone's roof. The rain is falling on everyone's head...

The rain is much needed for this season of dryness. It is so soothing and gentle, along with some breeze. Maybe we as human beings, really have no need for too much information, news, and gadgets? A little balance of elements feels good. I used to just welcome sunshine, now I also welcome the rain. Precious water drops, precious mellow sound, precious memories, precious love, precious moments of living... So full and so tender... this is a precious life.

Chinese calligraphy: Rain 雨. Sumi ink on paper, the size is 11 by 14 inches. The seal is an image of a bird.

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