Mind, Spirit, Energy

神,it pronounces as "shen". A Chinese character which has a few meanings:

1. a deity
2. preternatural; magical
3. mind; spirit, 心神
4. (a person's) energy, 神氣
5. (an) expression, 神情

In the Shambhala language, in Trungpa Rinpoche's renowned book, Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior, the seventeenth chapter is called "Natural Hierarchy." Rinpoche talked about three principles, which in Tibetan are called lha, nyen, and lu. Lha, 神, refers to the divine, or to "the highest points on earth." Nyen refers to the human domain, or to "the great shoulders of the mountains... includes forests, jungles and plains." Lu refers to "water being," or to "oceans and rivers, the realm of water and wetness," They also refer to seasons. The world has its order, power, and richness. He then said: "The discovery of natural hierarchy has to be a personal experience - magic is something you must experience for yourself."

Original calligraphy, ink on paper. The size is 10 by 10 inches. The seal is an image of a bird, which is part of one word of my first name.


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