Chinese calligraphy: "Windhorse, 風馬, Chi", in cursive style (also called "grass script"). If you have good "windhorse" (in Tibetan), which is good energy, good chi, you will have vitality, and, you will be able to accomplish everything. Original work. Unframed.

As Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche explains: 
"In the warrior teachings of Tibet, windhorse, or lungta, means vitality. When we have windhorse, our life moves forward in the way we want. On the inner level, windhorse is connected with good life-force energy, which is connected with being able to have a proper feeling for our mind. If we have the ability to feel at home in our mind and direct it, the mind becomes a support and a friend. If we are unable to harness the mind, it becomes a nuisance to us, aggravating our lives with worry and bad dreams. It can even make us sick. Happiness comes from actions that take us forward.

To move forward in daily life, we must be steady and brave. To create this bravery inside, we must learn how to handle our mind. Knowing this, the warrior practices meditation every day to know the mind and harness its energy for the good of all."


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