Alone in the World

As much as we don't want to see the truth, we are here, we experience everything on our own. We do have love ones, and we do share everything with them, but everyone has their own lives, their own karmas, their own joy and sorrow, pain and happiness to bear. That is the fact of existence. We are alone after all.

Alone, but not lonely. We can be experiencing all things alone, but not feeling lonely or abandoned.

This Chinese calligraphy, "Alone in the World", extracts from "Sutra of Immeasurable Life", 無量壽經 - 人在世間,愛欲之中,獨生獨死,獨去獨來 - roughly translated as "As a human being, we live in the love and desire realm. We are born alone, we die alone; going and coming alone." Sumi ink on rice paper. The size is 28 by 24 inches.


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