Friday, February 03, 2017

Only Don't Know

Chinese calligraphy: “Only Don’t Know” in semi-cursive style. Original work. Unframed.
Sumi ink on textured Chinese rice paper. 14″ by 17″. Signed with the seal of the artist: “The heart of Buddha.” The calligraphy itself is mounted on another piece of acid-free paper, so the surface is totally flattened. Ready to be put into any 14″x17″ or larger size ready-made frame.
This excerpt below is taken from the book, “The Wise Heart” by Jack Kornfield:
Consider how would it be to approach yourself, the situation, the other people with don’t know mind. Feel it. Don’t know. Not sure. No fixed opinion. Allow yourself to want to understand anew. Approach it with don’t know mind. With openness. How does don’t know mind affect the situation? Does it improve it, make it wiser, easier? More relaxed?
Practice don’t know mind until you are comfortable resting in uncertainty, until you can do your best and laugh and say “Don’t know.”
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