Monday, December 19, 2016

Health, Wholesomeness - Mind after Mind

Mind after mind,
Thought after thought,
Meditation on the breathing is the best cure.
Following the breath, seeing the mind,
Each moment is full of love and life.
We can be strong, trust that;
Health is our inherent gift.

Original Chinese calligraphy: Health. Sumi ink on rice paper, mounted on paper. The size is 10 by 12 in. The seal is: "Happiness, Wealth, and Longevity."

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Purple Velvet

Purple velvet curtains of mystery. The world is so real, so revealing, it becomes a true mystery. Looking at it directly, seeing clearly. Feeling it fully. This rich world offers every message that we need. Brush strokes have the thickness of body. Interference acrylic color on gessoed ground canvas.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Resting the Mind

Chinese Calligraphy: “Resting the Mind. Calming the Mind.” The word itself is composed of two parts: “Self” at the top, and “Mind” at the bottom – When we find our own heart and mind, come back to our heart and mind, we can truly rest.
Original work. Sumi ink on rice paper. Comes with a beautiful Shikish board golden hanging frame. Ready to hang. Written directly on Japanese Shikishi board, 10.75″ by 9.5″. There are golden edges around the board. Signed with the seals of the artist.
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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A Gentle Kiss

The forces of opposite energy are in contact of each other. The yin and yang mingle and complete both. Acrylic on gessoed ground canvas, mounted on wood panel. Ready to hang.
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