Thursday, January 21, 2016

Birthd and Death

Once I heard the spiritual writer and teacher Eckhart Tolle talked about life and death. He said, death is the opposite of birth, not the opposite of life. Life is continuous transformation. Actually in Chinese, 生 (Sheng) - could mean "life" or "birth." So the subject should be "birth and death" instead of "life and death" since there is no end of life (lives).

Chinese calligraphy of an infinite Zen Circle. The wording from left to right is one sentence of the Heart Sutra: "no old age and death, and, no end of old age and death." Life as a river - endlessly, continuously flowing.

Original calligraphy work. Black sumi ink on textural rice paper, mounted on stretched canvas, ready to hang. 16" x 38" x 1". Signed with the red seal of the artist "Buddha's heart" at the right and "skydancer" at the left. The rice paper is a kind of famous Wen Zhou skin paper (mulberry paper), so the surface has some textures and creases as part of the paining. You can put it into any custom frame at your own choice.

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Friday, January 01, 2016

River Pebbles
In the morning walk I found those river pebbles. They are so sweet and gentle. Each one is perfect with the story of time to tell. I can't help to love them and hold them in my hands.

We are all perfect as we are.

Acrylic on canvas. Mounted on wood panel. Ready to hang. The size is 12 x 12 in.