Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Everyday Is a Good Day!"

Zen Master Yun Men Wen Yan (雲門文偃, 864-949 AD) said: “Everyday is a good day! (日日是好日)” Why is this so? Every little thing, every person we encounter in daily life is a invaluable encounter. Every moment is unique; every breath, every step on earth is precious. Thus, the love for life is not about clinging, but about appreciation. Everyday Is a Good Day!
This calligraphy is a shopping list. It says: “copy paper; ball point pen one box; cartridge; x-acto knife; and, don’t forget the iPhone charger; spray mount; eraser.”
Sumi ink on textured Chinese rice paper. The piece itself is 14″ by 19″, flat mounted on 15″ by 22″ acid-free white cotton paper. Signed by the artist. Ready to be put into a frame.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Elegant Koi

Inspired by the mysterious koi fish pattern. Top layer is silver gold metallic light wash. Acrylic and permanent ink on rice paper. Mounted on acid-free paper. 12" x 19".
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Primordial Chi

“Chi” means “energy.” “Primordial Chi” is the essence of our heath, a sense of fundamental healthiness. By connecting to our own strength, we can gradually heal within.
Chinese calligraphy, “Primordial Chi” in semi-cursive style. Sumi ink on rice paper. The size is 12.5 by 17 inche. Signed with the artist’s seal “happiness, wealth, and longevity.” The calligraphy itself is professionally double-mounted on another piece of acid-free paper, the surface is totally flattened. Ready to frame.
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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Mountain of Gold

Chinese calligraphy: “Gold Mountain (wealth)" in semi-cursive style. Wealth is not necessary from outside, more importantly, the wealth within lasts forever.
Gold color ink on vermilion ground acid-free cotton paper. The piece itself is 15″ x 9″. Signed by a seal of the artist: “the heart of buddha.” Ready to be put into a frame.
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