Tuesday, June 21, 2011

"Nothing Special"

In memory of a wonderful pioneer Zen teacher: Charlotte Joko Beck, who peacefully passed away on June 15, 2011, at the age of 94. According to her students, among Beck’s last words was this statement, ”This too is wonder.”

Extract from her book: "Nothing Special" -

Waking up means realizing that our situation is hopeless - and wonderful. There is nothing for us to do except simply to live this second.
Sooner or later we realize that the truth of life is the second we are living. In a sense, our life has no duration whatsoever: we're always living the same second. There is nothing but that second, the timeless present moment. With that realization, each second is a source of joy. Without that realization, each second is misery."

Chinese calligraphy: Wu 無 (Japanese: Mu) - Nothing; No; Not; None. Red ink on gold metallic ground. The size is 24 by 24 inches, mounted on board. The seal is a round red bird on the left.